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A6 postcard new home

















Recently I designed a bespoke frame for a customer for an anniversary gift, you may remember…
9 years and a house. This frame style is now available on my website to buy for yourself in different
colour ways, click here to view.

The couple were celebrating their 9 year anniversary and also buying their first home together.
They requested some postcards to send out their new address to their friends and family. This was
something I was keen on starting to supply postcards so the timing worked out great for us both!
They liked their frame design so much they decided to take that forward onto the postcards. See the
results above.

Following on from this I will be starting up a new range of postcards which can be designed to suit
your occasion, new home, birth announcement, invitations, the possibilities are endless as the format
is so flexible. They will be available in gloss or uncoated finishes (great for writing on), with or without
envelopes. Watch this space! Thank you to Greg & Verity for the first order!