Monthly Archives June 2014

9 years and a house!

                                I recently had a special request from a very good customer for a frame for his girlfriend for their 9 year anniversary. They have just purchased their first house together and the anniversary date matched more or less when they were moving in so he wanted something to combine the two occasions. Apparently I have decided their room colour scheme with this frame! If you have something special in mind, get in touch and I’m sure there’s something I can come up with!
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Set list prints NEW!

                                Live music is something that’s never forgotten, how about celebrating that special gig with a set list print to keep forever. Unforgettable Kasabian and Arctic Monkeys prints liven up my hallway, how about yours? These make great artwork for your home or a great gift for a loved one… These are now live and ready to order on the website for only £30.00! Click here to order
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Father’s Day 2014!

                                      I received a good set of orders for this years Father’s Day, including a best dad award (pictured), a gig set list and a memories frame. Great feedback from the customers always makes these gifts even more rewarding to work on. “Received my frame, thank u so much it’s going to b perfect for Father’s Day!!” “Collected the frame tonight – it is fantastic! Thank you so much, love it and brought tears to my eyes! It is beautiful – thank
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